Notes Taking Pro Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Top 10 Note-Taking Apps

Get to know the best note-taking apps in the world! This video covers the best note-taking applications out on iOS and Android today, sharing some of the pros of the services to help you...

Samsung Tab S3 Handwriting & Note Taking Demo

This video looks at the handwriting and note taking functionality of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and the S Pen. Text review

Bear Note-taking: an iOS App Review:

Bear is a new note-taking application for iOS and Mac. It aims to be an Evernote rival - offering a clean, and friendly note-taking experience with very text focused design. In this video,...

New Best Note Taking App for iPad Pro + Stylus | 2017 | Notes Plus is GoodNotes4 + Notability + Nebo

Notes Plus combines the best features of GoodNotes 4, Notability and MyScript Nebo! Hence, it must be the perfect note taking app, right? ▻▻Want to TEST NOTES PLUS FOR FREE? Watch this:...

Serious note takers take note

MyScript Nebo note-taking app does the job. Sometimes. Subscribe to CNET: Watch more CNET videos: Follow CNET on Twitter:

Samsung TabPro S Handwriting & Note Taking Demo

The TabPro S stylus isn't the best stylus for writing as there is too much friction that prevents you from writing fast. Text review of Samsung TabPro S:

Top 5 Best Note Taking Apps for Android

In this video, I talk about the 5 Best Apps for taking notes on an Android smartphone. Taking notes on your smartphone is quite simple and can be made fun too. There are a bunch of note taking...

3 Android Apps That Lets You Write Notes And Sketch

3 Android Apps That Lets You Write Notes And Sketch 1. Squid 2. MyScript Smart Note

Samsung Note 10.1 and Lecture Notes for College Math

Using the active stylus on the Samsung Note 10.1 tablet and LectureNotes app to improve the process of doing college math homework. Web site:

Lenovo Yoga Book Handwriting & Note Taking Demo

This video demos handwriting and note taking with the Lenovo Yoga Book. In short, it works well when you write on the keyboard, but not so well when you write on the screen. Full review (artist...

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